Extended Biography

Roxie Nunnally surged onto the scene in 1998 by starring on the stage welcoming Spike Lee to The Carver High School.  Sparkling in confidence, energy, and spirit with the Nunnally’s, which became a name of its own. Nunnally started research, marketing and business while studying for her B.B.A in International Business. Nunnally has traveled the world at a young age. Overcoming her surroundings and challenges growing up in poverty. Roxie continued to stay focus and kept her faith in God. Sharing her gifts, love, ministry, training, and commitment with the world. The serial entrepreneur is responsible for starting her own Global business based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her business investments in Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Malibu, Tallahassee, Santa Monica, Memphis, Austin, Nashville, New York, and a few other places across the Globe.  She is the highest-valued Global Entrepreneur and Marketing Business Analyst of her kind. Roxie, a native Memphian, wife, and mother of three, wears many hats. She is a Spiritual Coach, Dynamic Motivational Universal Speaker, Educator, Leader, Author, Investor, Global Market & Business Analyst, Inventor, Serial Entrepreneur, First Responder, Founder, National Ambassador, CPR/First Aid Instructor, and this is just to name maybe 1/3 of what her robotic actions will allow her and her teams to do in real time. She is a minority business leader, and she enjoys ministry. Roxie is a divinely effective and efficient business leader who empowers other small and startup businesses and individuals but are not limited to. She has owned several businesses along the lines of retail, non-profit and logistics. She is not only known in West TN, but also in the West and East Coasts for all her business efforts. She holds a B.B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management & Marketing, a M.B.A. with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a M.A.T, with a concentration in General and Special Education (K-12).

Nunnally has been featured on every local media outlet and continues to be sought after by businesses, individuals, Fortune 500 companies, magazines and national media groups. Roxie is behind the scenes on some of her business ventures and co-business investments. Roxie is an amazing thinker, doer and executer of business analytics and business success around the world.

Roxie has enjoyed successful endorsement relationships with 4D Marketing & Business Solutions Firm (World-wide), La Marie Entertainment, Inc., Gen Chem Clean, Inc, Biz Pro Filings, Inc, 4D Marketing Hosting, BBB Global Enterprises, Inc., CFS General Contractors, LLC, Artic Life Enterprises, Galina-Balboa Global Insurance Company, God’s Promises International, Inc., 24 Acres International, Inc, 4D Property Solutions, LLC, and many more.

Mrs. Nunnally is a theoretical propeller of strategic planning, giver, doer, and is an energetic spokesperson. She has traveled all over the United States. She also sits on multiple boards and helps in multiple facets of the community including, but not limited to the Shelby County EOC, City of Memphis; EOC, Committee Member of the Shelby County Division of Corrections In Reach Board, Community Emergency Response Team Member & Instructor, CPR/First Aid/AED/Pediatrics Instructor for the American Red Cross, Partner of Policy Making with the Tennessee Developmental Disability Council (West TN Region), Public Information Officer for Medical Support Command, City of Memphis, Office of Emergency Management Reserve, Shelby County Office of Preparedness Reserve, Ambassador and Class #17 President for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy, Ambassador for the Memphis Police Department, Member of Mayor’s Luttrell’s Office; Citizen’s University, Member of the Neighborhood Leadership Committee, Global Ambassador for Walden University, Member of the Lemoyne Owen Partnership Committee,  and Member of the Team Up Memphis Grizzlies Mentor Program.

Roxie Nunnally speaks conversational Spanish, and she is working on her Chinese communication skills as well. She has received many awards and accolades for her community involvement and affiliations around the world. She is no stranger to speaking to legislators about changing and incorporating new policies. When it comes to helping the community, it is all about serving the people. Roxie has taught for many years, and she is very diverse. When it comes to Global Marketing, she is well-versed in the field. She has many positive attributes. She is brilliant, giving, loyal, results oriented, driven, respectful, and compassionate. She conducts Business Seminars, Business Education for Start-ups, Grants and 501 c 3 Workshops for the community business owners.  Mrs. Nunnally is a very caring person and a pillar in our community and world.

Roxie’s known world-wide for her ability to empower business owners to grow their businesses, drawing from her experience owning multiple retail, human resources, media, financial audit and services, legal services, entrepreneurial academy, branding, logistics, and marketing businesses of her own, plus franchises and non-profits. Her grant writing successes are legendary.